About RedSphere

The mind-set of every Redsphere partner is highly security centric. With over 30 years of combined experience in advanced information, electronic, surveillance, personal and physical security as industry specialists, both current and former military and federal employees, Redsphere has the personnel with the experience, training, expertise and mind set to complete any type of security related task. Though the RedSphere Global staff is comprised of a group of highly experienced, skilled and trained professionals, RedSphere maintains extremely competitive pricing for all current and prospect customers. For more information on pricing or services offered, please inquire here and we will address any question that you might have.

The concerns and costs associated with running any business or organization in today's world of high-tech and high-risk security threats are almost cause to keep one from running a business. Through the use of the expertise within RedSphere; a solution can be engineered that will guarantee you the security that you need while keeping the impact to your daily operations to a minimum. Our experts can bring you to the forefront of security through the use of leading edge technologies and training in tactical operations through the use of techniques to combat corporate espionage, physical security, surveillance, intrusion prevention and beyond.

RedSphere understands, and has formed its team of professionals around the premise, that when engaging the services of a security firm you are looking for the most experienced and qualified professionals to satisfy your requirements.

The increased threat posed by external malicious entities that profit from stealing information (identity theft, financial and proprietary data), personnel and other assets; caused by inadequate security, it has become imperative for agencies, businesses and individuals to engineer and invest in a variety of security solutions. These security solutions easily pay for themselves by mitigating the risk of data loss, identity theft, regulatory fines, business interruption, legal intervention (law suits), loss of life and other asset damage or loss.